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Webinars and Masterminds



Leadership Assessments


Individual Coaching

One on one private and confidential coaching.

When we are working with you one-on-one, it is our highest objective to help you reach your purpose, vision and goals by working through John Maxwell’s programs specific to your needs. Together, we will create a strategic, powerful plan for you to gain clarity through a weekly process including, interaction and accountability.

  • What are you doing to invest in yourself?
  • What are you doing to invest in others?

Our style of coaching involves the ability to understand you: to think how you think, and understand your perspective. From this benchmark, we will place another perspective on top of yours – stretching and growing you to gently see a more empowering way. As certified coaches, we are capable of seeing what you are going through now and what is up ahead. Coaching is foreseeing, paving the way, coming alongside you while helping you achieve goals and overcome limiting paradigms.


Group Coaching

Small setting onsite or via webinar and video technology.

When we are working in a group setting – although it’s not singular in nature – having the entire group’s input in thinking magnifies the richness of the discussions and results in developing solutions that are above and beyond what any individual can create. The cohesive bond that is formed empowers each person to develop the leader within and shine in a safe environment that nurtures the group as a whole. It is an experience unlike any other and follows the same premise as an academic think tank.


We Are Certified Speakers & Trainers

Leadership, communication, and learning: these are key elements in your personal and professional growth, as well as to the growth of your business or organization. In a business or group setting, these help your team work more cohesively to ensure that your production or the services you offer are at a high level, allowing you to meet goals sooner. There will be instances in your life where you will be depended upon to take the lead in either a personal or professional capacity.

In other instances, it is you who will need to follow someone. Whichever the case, leadership is not a quality you or the people around you are born with. The ability to effectively lead individuals or groups is an acquired skill, which can be developed through experience and training. A key aspect of leadership is communication. One cannot lead or be led if the necessary communication skills are ineffective. Each individual is different, so the approach to reaching out and responding to each one will also be a varied.

As certified coaches, trainers and speakers, we offer customized presentations to fit your individual or team’s needs and budget such as:
• 10 minute briefing
• “Lunch and Learn”
• Keynote speech for your company sponsored event
• Half day and full day workshop/seminar
• In-house corporate training
• Executive and personal retreat
• Partnership Summit

We will provide effective team communication and structure that is important for forging relationships equipping your team with the proper attitudes to develop leaders within. Together, we will work through goal setting and communication exercises that will bring cohesiveness to your group ultimately increasing productivity due to the positive influences each member will have on the group as a whole.

In addition, we will at your request, incorporate your organization’s meeting theme, mission / vision statement or build on your existing training schedule to best fit the needs of your group.

We offer complimentary training sessions for new and potential clients based on The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership or other select books by John C. Maxwell, the #1 leadership expert in the world. Contact us to schedule this complimentary training to introduce your team, company, church or organization to leadership!

Who do you want to build a stronger relationship with?

Often, the clients we offer this opportunity to invite their clients or potential clients, in an effort to add extra value to them and leverage the opportunity build a stronger relationships.

To find out more, get in touch with us by visiting our contact page.

Webinars and Masterminds

There is synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group. Our facilitated groups offer a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, education, accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. By bringing fresh ideas and a different perspective, our masterminds can help you achieve success.

Key Benefits of a Mastermind Group:

  • Increase your own experience and confidence
  • Sharpen your business and personal skills
  • Add an instant and valuable support network
  • Get honest feedback, advice and brainstorming
  • Borrow on the experience and skills of the other members
  • Study Leadership, Communications and Growth principles/practices in a group setting, create an action plan and have the group hold you accountable for fulfilling your plan and goals.
  • Receive critical insights into yourself
  • Optimistic peer support in maintaining a positive mental attitude
  • A sense of shared endeavor – there are others out there!


Do you want the secret to creating a truly transformed life? We have a program that brings the power of results-based mentoring to you, wherever you are and whenever you need it. Your mentorship journey with Jamie Pendergrass will give you the push you need to get beyond the obstacles, the pull you need to bring you forward, and results you never thought possible.

It also includes a powerful Accountability Group with live calls monthly and a private Facebook group. On these calls and in that group, Jamie Pendergrass and other like-minded, results-focused individuals will help you stay accountable to the goals you have set for yourself.

Accountability plus powerful mentorship lessons – on your time, wherever you are, and all for one very affordable price. Others have paid tens of thousands to receive what is available to you. Empowerment Mentoring with Jamie Pendergrass brings that value to you for the price of a few dinners out.

Are you ready to invest in…YOU? 


2-Day Private One-on-One Retreats

With equal doses of challenge and encouragement, you will leave prepared to take your life and business to a whole new level.

Shift the Course of Your Life!

Creating Lasting Results face to face with Jamie Pendergrass or Rachel Williams

This unique 2-day experience will be transformational, to say the least! In just two days you’ll have clarity on who you are, why you do what you do, and the blocks and barriers that hold you back.

We’ll also develop a new blueprint and action plan for you to elevate your life to new heights and create lasting results!

During these two days we’ll work together on a journey of discovering the main driving forces behind all your results:

  1. Your WHY: Your Purpose in life and business, and how to stay aligned with what’s most important.
  2. Your WHAT: Your Vision Statement for your life and business that clearly defines what you plan to create in the next 12 months.
  3. Your HOW: The driving motivator behind all your actions that you can tap into every day.
  4. The “Rule Book” you’ve been living by that controls your every thought and action. Together we’ll rewrite it to empower you, not hold you back.
  5. Your level of Emotional Fitness – by the end of the retreat you will be able to control the peak performance state that lets you perform at your best, every single time!

WARNING: Your life will never be the same! This experience is only for those ready for a transformation!
Your personal retreat is unique, just like you and includes:

  • 2 full days one-on-one with Rachel or Jamie (9am – 4pm)
  • All materials for the retreat
  • $200 hotel voucher
  • Lunch provided both days
  • 12 month ongoing support via monthly group mentorship calls

NOTE: Retreat does NOT include:

  • Flight accommodations to Raleigh-Durham International Airport – RDU
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Hotel accommodations that exceed the $200 voucher
  • Breakfast and dinner

Leadership Assessments

The Leadership Game

These leadership principles can carry consequences or benefits! Put your leadership to the test when you PLAY THE GAME!

The Leadership Game is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to assist you and your team to better understand the core values and principles of healthy leadership. Playing this game with 6-12 of your most influential leaders will bring about positive change through communication and connection and introduce the timeless principles of the kind of leadership that creates great work-place culture and delivers impactful, positive results.

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