About Us

JamieJamie Pendergrass is a certified John Maxwell keynote speaker, executive coach and leadership trainer. He works with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire for themselves and for their organizations. His interactive keynotes and trainings have led thousands of students to discover and maximize their personal strengths. Dr. Pendergrass has developed a 10 disc audio series entitled, “Power Steps: Creating a New Learning Model of Acheivement.” Visit our products page and read the reviews of others. He was also hand-selected by Forbes Coaches Council, to become part of a curated network of successful peers who receive access to a variety of exclusive benefits and resources, including the opportunity to submit thought leadership articles and short tips on industry-related topics for publishing on Forbes.com. For those who love personal development, he offers an incredible 6 to 12 month program that features world renowned speaker Les Brown. Dr. Pendergrass’ personal philosophy is, “If you fail to go within, you will go without.” It is his heart’s desire to enhance your vision and transform your dreams into realities.

After completing her bachelor in professional studies, with a concentration in Social Work- Rachel Williams found her passion for working with youth ladies. She works primarily with middle school, high school, and college females. Through her workshops young ladies develop a stronger sense of self-worth, confidence in their ability to succeed, and the strength to release unhealthy influences. The positive attitude and energy that she brings to her sphere of influence is infectious. Clients have said her gentle, but firm approach has helped them exceed the boundaries of their comfort zones. Rachel’s proven strategies have been a key approach to breaking barriers and discovering new possibilities. As a certified life coach, Rachel specializes in helping people discover the treasures that are hidden deep within themselves. She is a prolific keynote speaker who connects with her audience through real life experience. Her personal philosophy is, “Do what you have to do now, so you can do what you really want to do later.” Rachel’s determination, motivation, and goal-driven mentality goes the extra mile to guide her client’s to success in all of their endeavors.

Taneshia Kerr worked in pastoral ministry in Central California for five years (2010-2015) in multiple capacities including Associate Pastor and Associate Director for Communication for the church headquarters. With a MA in Ministry, an MBA in Marketing, and a plethora of counseling experience- she specializes in helping others live the purpose-driven, strategic life.

In April 2014 she gave birth to mirco-preemie twins Asher and Achsah. They were born 14 weeks early at roughly 1.5lbs each. Becoming a NICU mom significantly challenged and stretched her strength and tenacity. It was this experience that started her on the path to launch Underqualified and Overwhelmed to teach others strategic living in the face of our worst challenges and fears. It is her personal mission support others who find themselves in life’s crucible.